Sunday, June 17, 2012

Finished McCalls 6559 maxi dress

Finally, I finished the dress!! Yay! Unfortunately, I was unable to get a really good picture, and unfortunately, I am unable to explain how I did my version of color-blocking. I didn’t come out exactly how I wanted, because I wanted a tighter fit around the neck and armhole edges, but I’m pretty happy with it.
As far as the color-blocking, all I know it that I tried to have the blue strip 11in and the pink strip at the bottom 11in. Really, that was a headache because it was confusing with trying to add the seam allowances the both and trying to measure in a hem, which is why I didn’t do one in the end.

Well, this is the best picture I could take with my phone. I hope you all get an idea of what it looked like.

My Binding Technique(Lots of pics!)

Soooo, for the week I was suppose to learn how to do bias binding(which I did) and learn a hemming technique for the bottom of my McCalls 6559 dress(which unfortunately, I didn’t do).
 I felt the length and the look of the dress would be a bit off by a hem, so I’m going to try to get away without one, however, I did learn how to use my own bias binding and I’m updating today with lots and lots of pics and instructions on how I did it. Hopefully, it’s not too hard to follow.

To start, the pics may be a little blurry since I only used my cell, but I hope that you are able to see and understand. Also, I’m not the best at the measurements, so bare with me if you can. Here is the rundown using a sample.

BTW, Make sure you cut off the seam allowance around the neck and armhole edges before placing the binding. I actually lost the instructions to the dress, so I did everything basically my way. I marked off 1.5cm all around the edges, and cut it off.
  • The first thing I did was fold the fabric at an angle to cut my bias strips. In one of my sewing books the measurements of 2 3/4in(7cm) were given, which was too big, but I followed the directions and cut out about 6 strips.

  • So after the strips were cut, I took out my pins, brought my strips over to the ironing board, and folded one side of the strip so that it measured 1cm. I placed the pins into the strips and through the ironing board measuring 1cm down the length. With the other side of the strips I just turned it over, and pinned it to the ironing board as well. When both sides were pinned I ironed over the pins(maybe this isn’t the best thing to do, but it worked for me) and took to pins out and ironed again. It looked like this.
  • After that was finished I folded the strips against the raw neck and armhole edges of my dress(sample here) and pinned it in place with the 1cm side of the biased strip folded along the right side of the fabric.
  • Then I used my sewing gauge and a water soluble pin to measure maybe 1/4cm(?) and make a dot at the mark on bias strip. *I’m not the best with the measurements, so hopefully you all can see where I made the mark.
  • Then I went over to the sewing machine to top stitch and tried to make sure the dot was right in between the middle of the presser foot. Luckily, what helped me most is that the edge of the bias strip falls on the first line on the needle plate(?) so that’s what my eyes followed the entire time. Here’s the pics of that.
  • I then adjusted the tension dials both to 3(instead of 4).
  • And I sewed along the line, and this is the result of it on the sample and on the dress.

And that was it! I hope this helps in some way. I just started sewing in January, so please bare with me in terms of the terminology, measurements, pics etc. I like to read in books, but I also like to kind of figure it out as I go, and do it in ways that appeal to me. For example, the 1cm measurement I used to fold the bias strip along the edge was from me taking the measurement on an edge of a shirt that I own and using that, along with taking and using the measurement for the stitching line. If there are any questions I’ll try to answer them to the best of my ability.
Also, please excuse the chipped nail polish lol.

if the pics are too big, you can also view them at.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Project for the week: McCalls M6559

Yep, I have a fascination with Maxi Dresses. By now, I should have made at-least three, but I have yet to start on one. Luckily, I’ve started this blog to get me moving on this dress before the summer is over.
I have this material I got from a fabric store in Decatur, GA. It’s located off of Candler rd, and the name of it is Soul Fabrics. Anyway, the owner had a sale a few months ago where all fabric was 1.99 per yard. Of course, I stacked up and purchased 4yrds of a blue knit, and 4yrds of a pink knit. My goal is to make this dress using both fabrics.
I want to color-block it in a way that’s almost similar to the first illustration with the green, but eliminates the two lighter shades in the middle. Basically, I want it to look almost something like this.,0&layer=comp&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.7,1.0,0.5,0&fmt=jpeg
My usual issues with sewing is the hemming, and the look around the neck and armhole edges. To me, personally, it’s usually what makes the product look either professional or unprofessional, so that’s going to be a challenge along with this being my first color-block attempt, so we shall see how it goes. I’ll have to learn how to use bias binding around the edges, learn a professional-looking hemming technique, and learn to color-block lol. Hopefully, by the end of next week I’ll have it all done with pics. I’ll try to look for and post tutorials, clips, pics on how to achieve the look I want.

DIY NYX(Dance in Havana)

Friday night I managed to do the most amazing mani/pedi. I slept in all kinds of uncomfortable positions(so it could dry completely) and the results were worth being uncomfortable for the night.
To get a manicure that lasts I follow these steps.
  • Clip my nails to desired length
  • File them down, then buff
  • Wash hands with soap
  • Apply lotion to hands
  • Use Hard As Nails clear as a base coat
  • Apply two coats of NYX polish
  • Use NYX clear as topcoat
Unfortunately my cellphone doesn’t give the best looking pics, but this pic doesn’t compare to how good it looks in person. Again, the brand is inexpensive, and it really doesn’t matter what you use as long as you use it right. This should last me a good 4-5 days. hth

Simplicity Patterns.99cent sale @Hobby Lobby(June 11th-16th)

This sale, which happens every few months or so, is how I STACK UP on my patterns. There’s a limit of 10 patterns per person. Sometimes that limit is more than enough, sometimes it’s not, but you can always go the next day, or bring someone along who can stand in the line with you. I have well over 30+ patterns, with the original price ranging from $10-$19 per pattern. I’ve saved a ton of money racking up on this sale. Here is the ad..
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If you love to sew, and like Simplicity patterns then take advantage! Happy sewing!

DIY manicure with Nyx Nail Polish

I’m a girl on a budget. I like to look nice without spending tons of money to do so. NYX brand nail polish is a very inexpensive brand that offer shades of nearly every color imaginable. I’ve never been one to go and get manicures or pedicures(Extremely ticklish feet lol), so a lot of what I do with my nails and toes are from home.
Recently I was on youtube looking for DIY manicure videos and found this one, which helped a great deal.

I pretty much followed the instructions using my .99cent polish and I had very satisfying results of a manicure that lasted 5days. Check it out!

BTW, the color of the polish is called Cherry Pie.

Spring/Summer Trends

Crochet being a trend of the summer being a trend of the summer.


Now I’m not the trendiest person in terms of fashion, but I do like to be up on the current colors, or at-least in the know of the colors of the season. As far as fashion, I like classic looks/pieces that are not quick to go out of style.

This year, my fascination is with Maxi dresses. I plan to sew a few of them within the next few weeks so I’ll keep the blog updated on how that comes along. Now that I’m aware of the colors, it’ll be even more interesting to sew in-style.